Darn. Cheer Up.

I was so down today that I decided to look up support forums on loneliness online... So, I arrived at this page one hour ago. I wrote my 5 paragraph story about being alone thousand miles away from home. It is filled with sadness and rage, about the extreme awesome loneliness that I am going through.

Just when I am almost done and about to click "post", my earpiece fell on the ground so I had to bend down to reach for it. In my attempt to do so, I accidentally pressed the power button of my laptop - which resulted to the loss of my written story. Sh*t it was lost... so I went back to try and write again. I just couldn't find the same words I wrote earlier.. In silence I am still bothered by the fact that I lost a 5 paragraph deep heartfelt striking piece.

Suddenly I the irony made me feel funny. I hear myself saying, are you really supposed feel bad about losing your sad story? Let go. Lose it. Stop dwelling. Move on. Live a life.

Darn it. Cheer up.
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Writing it down will help. it does for me.

funny everything happens for a reason.. I think you wrote one of the best stories. Made me laugh.

hi nice5872, oh thanks.. this is the first story I have written and I'm glad it has made you laugh. cheers! :)

Exactly, loosing the sad story was not a bad thing. You wrote it, acknowledged it, know it was and now are letting it lay were it should, in the past.

Live forward, this is the adventure of life, live it!

I have done something like that, putting down a story about my loneliness that I thought I wanted to share, only to lose it for some reason.<br />
It was just to yourself and no one else, sometimes writing to yourself is as good as telling others, it gets it off your chest. <br />
Some things are best left unsaid to others, some are best said to others.

yes you are right. :) on the other hand, the goodness of sharing our sad stories is to let others know that they are not alone in what they are going through. In my case though, losing my story is like one big SNAP to wake up and stop dwelling. I'm usually very happy, littlest things make me laugh like crazy. Being here in EP gave me a chance to communicate with others, something that I've been missing for months. I can't get over your description about yourself, "If every guy wore panties this would be a calmer happier world." hahaha. it made my day. : thanks!

You are correct about that as well. Only you know what was in your story that you wanted to share. (I don't really know what I am trying to say here, I will try) Maybe you put in to much detail, I dont know. It is good to share but sometimes too much detail is just for you.
I still stand by what I said about panties, soft silky panties calms the savage male beast, on the other hand.....makes one naughty as well but in a good way, hehehe.