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Dead Roses

How should I love you…?
I wish I could explain

Cassavetes – movie director. The best in my opinion. In his pictures the actors are amateurs. His works are black and white and made with regular, not fancy cameras. Lighting is as it is, not much changed or improved. Nothing has been changed or improved in his movies. He shows everything as it is in real life. The settings are common, daily - kitchen, room, house. Camera is just standing there in one position and watching. Then he repositions the observer in different angle and is watching  again. Life as it is. Dialogues are ordinary, nothing special. Just discussions. But all of it incredible. You can feel everything, deep to the bones. Pain of life. Pain of existence.

Shoot number 1.

She is sitting in the kitchen and responds to the email writing on her phone.

“I was born and raised in same town. Only went to Erie a lot when i was younger, great grandma owned a cottage. Went to PA one time to see brother in rehab but did not get to see nothin else.

My day is routine get up drink tea or coffee, clean a little (some times, hate it), prepare and cook supper, wash up, make sure grandma got what she needs, go on EP and fan fiction, sleep an hour or two and start over.

I dont get out much, about once a month to pay bills and a couple times a month for grocery shopping. Once a year i go to the fair.”

Shoot number 2. She is in the living room answering another email.

“I want to escape sometimes but it mostly when there is trouble. I worry about bills and what is in store in the hours to come. I lost myself long ago and dont know how or when i might find me”

Shoot number 3. Kitchen table in the middle dead roses and piece of bread on the cutting board.

 Woman, one of many
I wish I could make your flowers alive again

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 9 Responses Sep 8, 2012

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Peter. LOL. Having trouble typing as laying on my back on the leather sofa, laptop on my lap, supported by my knees. Soccer injury. My back. LOL. I liked this one. I grow gardens of flowers and herbs. I dry the lavender and heather and all manner of flowers. I like roses only when they are budded closed. And when I cut them, I wish I could preserve their colour instantly, capture it like on a camera. But alas it cannot be...Only in a memory. But all of them make lovely dry arrangements. And the smell....It is a moment in time of olfactory saved. I will miss my gardens. I will build more with love when I move. To a destination not choosing me yet! So it is with your stories. But I can return to taste them again whenever I desire. Thank you for your vibrant flowers, Peter. kissesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

WOW...... this is very good..... cute AND sensitive !


flowers bloom once and fragrance is filling your mind..the beauty lives and dies for you..and more..time to throw the reason you smiled..for its dead and dry

do not litter :))

The next year will come and the new flowers will bloom but the fragrance is always present in my mind.

seasonal flowers are good..while you wait..enjoy those..

I am.

could write a poem on how seasonal flowers bloom and different I getting over board ?

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okay, the number 2 shoot, I have to ask how did you get into my living room....

I was there all the time. want some coffee?

Sure I would love too.

Interesting pespectives... <br />
<br />
I visited my old home the other day and my rose bush that had bloomed for over forty years was being stifled by vines...Luckily for everyone new roses will bloom somewhere. And I will enjoy the new ones though the old ones will stay in my heart.

All will be good I am sure. You know well how to balanced things. Take care.

Lol! Noone has ever said that to me before. I live in the extremes. Still, I can keep trying for balance.

All will be good. Trust me.

(Sighs) This is so sad. :(<br />
<br />
Well done, my friend! :)

Don't be sad. Please. Follow me I will make you smile.

i loved it so much, while reading i had tears xx

Don't cry sweet heart. Enough of tears. Lets smile and make others smile.

I'm for once really is speechless.You brought me to tears, Peter. Thank you for sharing.

We need your words and compassion. Spread the joy all over the place.

We all need to spread joy and have a little more compassion for others. We seem to focus more on ourselves, than to recognize someone else pain. Even with a few words, a gentle smile, and to be able to look into another eyes, can be a true gift for them. Smiles***

Said beautifully.

I guess, I wasn't so speechless, after all. lol Thank you

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I loved it! I loved the words and the way it read. Thank you for sharing

Thanks for all your help.

You're very welcome.