Lonely And Slowly Dying!

       I was diagnosed with a condition. This condition gives me 10 years to live. Unless I weigh 165! I use to weigh 550lbs I have currently lost down to 350! I am so proud of myself. There are days that I just want to drink a bottle of salt and just let it all go! Then I decide that i couldn't leave my nephews alone like that! I am not dealing with it I am ignoring it and just trying to lose the weight. The medicine that they gave me makes me into a zombie. No one should live like that.

  • At the 5 year mark I will be blind

  • at the 10 year mark I will be a Vegetable 

  • I have tried to get in a relationship with someone thinking that he was perfect for me. However I realized that the only reason I was with him was so I could keep him at arms length so that If I was to Die He wouldn't Hurt so much! So I walked away because it isn't fair to him or me. Everyday I Risk it all I do things that I know Will hurt me in the long run but I am working to stop those Evil Habits. I am open minded. I Try to Keep my spirits up. However when you are In a Room Filled with people and You are still alone It is sad!

ElizaTate ElizaTate
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

as i would say to you, never give up stress kills, so stay happy i ead a story once about a man who had termal cancer, so what he did was laugh every day and stay happy till the time the doctors said he would die from it, <br />
well by the doctors amazement the cancer was gone!!!<br />
his happyness cured him!!<br />
so i say this to you, dont dwell of the badthings just stay happy and laugh every day about anything u never know u could get better :D<br />
someone once told me this "smile and laugh everyday it will make everything better"<br />
so never give up hope no matter how bad it seems, it could allwas turn out for the better

Thank you Woodzykiler! Smiles Thank you so much! I needed some encouragement!