Lonely Stoner

I just feel sad and lonely. The last relationship was with an older abusive woman. ive been diagnosed depressed since i was a child. Im 25 now and ive been homeless since i was 15 in 2006 my mom died from an overdose and my dad is 76 and is getting ready to pass. I
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

I'm sorry for your losses and hard times. I lived on the knife's edge for a few years in my twenties, very nearly homeless, never knowing where my next meal would come from.<br />
I would encourage you to seek out support ~ from a local church, from local mental health communities. A local church used to give me grocery cards and subway tokens.<br />
It is a brave thing to ask for help.

I think its my fault im lonely im not ugly or meen just too quiet and somewhat shy