Alone In A Crowded Room.

My name is Brady. I live in a small town of about 30k people. I just started going to a new school, and I am having a bit of a problem. My friends from my last school wont talk to me anymore, and I am still making friends. But I will jump to the point. I am lonely. People tell me they love me, but I dont feel loved. Guys at my school have been picking on me for never having a girlfriend before, and never kissing a girl before. So i decided this year that was going to change. I recently started my search for a girlfriend. I have a fair amount of friends that are girls, but they always end up dating a jerk. Im a nice guy, and always put girls before myself. But i told one of my friends that i liked her, and her response was "you're my best friend. I want it to stay that way." I keep getting told that I will find a girl who will love me. But I am so lonely right now. How can guys who dont give a flip about a girls heart, get a girlfriend so easily, while me, the one who would give anything for her to be happy, keeps getting rejected. This has started destroying my self esteem, and my hope of someday finding my true love. :'(
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I can relate. I might not have the guy perspective here but I have the 17 year old girl one. I'm in the same boat. I've been looking for a boyfriend for 3 years now. Its senior year and the only guys I've ever kiss was high at the time and I didn't even know his name. It sucks. I have friends that don't care and no boy to vent to. But remember. Were still young and eventually love will find us. It might take time but for now you got me to talk to. I'm lonely too. And there are girls like me out there. I don't want the bad boys, they always leave and break your heart. But remember, once the bad boys leave they will be looking for the nice, good boy to spend their life with. Until then remember your not alone.

* hugs * Yeah I have heard similar stories . Girls seem to love the bad boys .<br />
<br />
Just be you , you are young and will find the right girl in time . :) Just be patient . Some of those girls who love bad boys might be in a phase and will come to their senses soon .