Unforgettable Night

Labor day 2012 I was just leaving the liquor store in San Francisco I sat in my car lighting a cigrette as I was taking puffs three mexican males hoped in my car and asked me to drive I screamed no get out of my car they spoke spainish next thing you know a knife on my throat next thing I know I fought back pressing my horn and screaming for help. A car passed by and all three got a hold of my car keys and ran. I managed to get out of the car and walked to the liquor store with face full of blood and everything looking so.blurry no one wouldnt call the police I pulled the emergency thing out and cops came my pulse was at 30 and blood pressure 80/49 I was saved 8 stabs wounds to the head 4 on arm one in leg and two on neck one in the back God was protecting me
Kklwells1988 Kklwells1988
22-25, F
Sep 10, 2012