Almost a year ago now, I was engaged. Spare the details, we separated in January. Ever since then I've just been empty inside. I come home from work to an empty house, eat at an empty table, sleep in an empty bed. No friend or family member can offer the companionship I yearn for. Someone to share my heart and soul, to spend the best and worst of times together, somebody I can sit down with at the end of the day and just enjoy being together. Someone to tell me they love me. I hope that someday my search will come to an end. Until then, however, I am alone. My heart aches, my body grows tired and my mind weary. I want to live again.
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My heart goes out to you . * hugs * I know how you feel and so many are in your shoes right now .<br />
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" Loneliness is the human condition . "

I see a positive determination in your note. I am sure you will get what you wish for.......