Lonely And Looking

I am a hopeless romantic who understands that it takes time and effort to really let someone into your life. I know who I am and what I want in a partner. I have a good sense as to what I offer the right match for me. I am very compassionate, trustworthy and an excellent communicator. I consider myself smart with a great career. I know where my priorities lie and my family comes first and foremost. I love living my life to the fullest and I am open to trying new and exciting things. I can do these things alone, in a group or with my partner. I consider myself a "giver" and I need to find someone who is the same. My ideal match will have similar qualities to myself such as; a sense of humor, romance, dedication, strong family morals and values, someone who moves at a comfortable pace in a relationship, someone who is honest, compassionate, great with children, creative and is open to traveling and doing fun things with his partner. I am looking for my best friend, someone I can spend quality time with and build a strong, loving, happy, healthy relationship that can sustain the ups and downs that life throws in our path. I have experience in short and long term relationships and by far I choose something long term over short. It would be nice to find a great girl with traditional morals and values who I can take out on the town one night but relax and distress at home the next. I need to find someone who is confident but not in an egotistical way. A go getter who feels a connection or spark and is determined to feed it rather than let it fade away. I believe strongly in the power of the 5 love languages. It is so important to learn what makes one another tick and cater to our partners love language to keep the relationship alive and full.
If you have read over the above and feel you are a great fit then please step up and send me an email.
1986Scott 1986Scott
22-25, M
Sep 12, 2012