Mr Right?

It started here on ep. I got a lot of support. I met someone going through the same thing i was going through. Then he left. To many miles , to many work hours, to costly to talk . I can't believe i miss them as much as i do. I'm very sad:((
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I just started here on EP and following your story I find it interesting in how our stories connect. First I have struggled through most of my marraige with a wife that has almost no sex drive and I am probably above average in that area so that we have in common. What is interesting is like your husband I have also had a transplant but mine was a liver 18 years ago. It did not impact my sex drive in any way although I am self conscience of the scar it left. So what to do is the question. I love my wife and do not plan to leave her so I just struggle and it gets harder the older I get as I feel as if my life is slipping away. If you would like to talk I am open to the idea, maybe I can fill thge void you are feeling.

They probably miss you just as much, maybe more!!