I Did It To Myself. (please At Least Read The End Of This If You Dont Care About The Rest. A Youtube Video You All Should Watch.)

I met a boy this summer, a man I should say (he's 22). Im 18 and of course I fell head over heels for him. He's really an amazing person, but since his school started again he's too busy even to text me. It seriously feels like he died or something, like he's comepletely gone. I've been texting him and he wont reply. He finally confessed that he was ignoring me so he could get stuff done. Ive been really hurt in the last few weeks and Ive felt the need to smoke more. Anyways, the real problem is that I really only hung out with him all summer. Him and his friends. So now that we're done I have nothing left to turn to. Im alone all day except when Im at work and Ive been sleeping a lot. I want to sleep all the time. Its a time waster and I like to dream. I dont have a good relationship with my parents either which doesnt help. We fight a lot and Im just really depressed guys. :( I want to meet new people. Ive thought about just moving away somewhere else and making myself go out and talk to people and finds friends to be myself around but idk where to start. I am going to join some yoga classes though and start volunteering at the animal shelter in town.

This man Ive been talking about did show me a multitude of wonderful things and Ive learnt a lot from him as well. Ill always be thankful for that. theres a poem that every person on this site should hear. Go on youtude and type in "How to be alone" by tanya davis. This poem changed my perspective on myself as an individual greatly.

I hope we can all stop being lonely.

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You are so young, you will love again. I know it hurts, but when it hurts that is the time that you need to be good to yourself, your sorrow will pass and a new day will come for you.

great story sorry about your situation hope its gotten better by now

eventually your loneliness will be so strong you will take the chance of someone hurting you that you let them in. Only, problem is if you wait until this, you might make the wrong choice

hey i knw exactly wat ur bf did to u i did it to sme1 also bt nw shes gone i mic her so bad shes the reason am up 4am in the mrng

if you ever feel alone message me and I will respond.

soory helping others is a good start

but even adults use others to meet there own needs i hope that did not happen to you if it did please see a doctor and get tested

i would tell you the same thing i have told others you have other choices like peace corps to get away from home for a few years and see the real world and meet others

i wish i had of gone peacecorp with my wife and not in the service m,aybe she would have been alive today