The Dream From An Empty Bed

It has been a regular day, with the usual list accomplished and the usual accumulated to be accomplished tomorrow. The weight of an honest day is heavy on our heads and shoulders, but we have made it to bedtime, soon all will be fine. The conversation is low and sweet as we slide into bed together, side by side. I relax into your naked chest, drawn by the body heat, streching comfortably against you, and your arms draw me closer. Your shoulder is my perfect pillow and as I settle in you kiss my hair like I am a child and rest your chin on my head. I am safe, and comfortable and warm. If any worries of the world dare to show up in the dark, you are here to stop them in their tracks. If you need me in the night, you can stir slightly to find me beside you, waiting to answer. Outside the rain pours from a starless sky, lands with a heavy beat on the roof above us. The night has turned cold, and a warning of winter snaps on the wind through the tallest of the trees. But you and I never hear it. We are already asleep.
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11 Responses Sep 15, 2012

Great picture you set here.

Send me some peaceful sleep please :)

"The night has turned cold, and a warning of winter snaps on the wind..." I really like this line. Very nice.

You have a wonderful knack of writing. I t is so beautiful.
Hugging the pillow will do for the moment. LOL

loved it

Very nicely done. You captured a perfect moment that many experience far too often. Even if the bed isn't empty.

But for now, the arms around a pillow will have to suffice.

Speaking of Comfy........:)

Beautifully written and expressed. You take the reader with you, into the experience. How wonderful to have this....I am happy for you.

Oh, I see it had dream in the title. What a beautiful dream...I hope it comes true for you.

You are extremely talented! Your words paint a picture, create a scene, fulfill an emotion! I hope your dream comes true!

oh.... that is sweet. thank you for that image.

i want that for myself so much, that right there is everything for me.

You have a true gift with words; vivid and beautiful.

awesome great poem. Love it