Always So Lonely.

What is it about me? I'm always lonely. No one gives me any chances at all. They, all talk to me then stops. Why what am I doing wrong ? An I ugly or what? Why won't that one guy never give me a chance but will everyone else? He never has. All I ever wanted time too but still don't do it. Will I ever? I doubt it. Will I on anyone? They talk for a little then run and stop talking. What's wrong with me? I'm a good person and a good friend. But always get done wrong. Why? Is it me or them? I feel like it's me. But I hear from my friend's they say it's not me but it's them. But they make me feel like it's me. What do I do so wrong? I'm always lonely. I hate it too. Why can't or won't no one give me a chance? I feel like all ever wants from me is sex. Then they leave how they make me feel. That all I'm good for when I'm not. Will I always going to be lonely for ever? Will that one ever give me that chane too? All I ever want is someone to give me that. But they be never do. I hate that no one never will. What am I doing wrong? I'm lonely and very depressed and feel like no one cares about me or for me. Guess I'll be alone till the day I die. Feel like a loner and a loser in life. Who would want someone that way? Thanks for listening. But that's how I feel all the time. Lonely girl with a sad and broken heart and no life. That's how I feel. Hope I didn't bored y'all with this. Thanks again for listening. Take care. :(.
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This is a very sad tale...There are those around that just want what they want and leave the rest behind. If you don't mind crossdressers I will be happy to chat sometime.

i no how you feel

Some times we can be so giving and caring that we are blinded to others motives.I have been this way all my life.We need to stop and realy look at others before We give too much
of our self.Understand im talking to my self as well as You.I know a better day is coming for
both of Us! I think I see a rainbow out side My window! Come on lets go look!


love to get to know you please email me


I truly understand and know how you feel. Speaking for myself, I think I must try too hard. Whatever the reason I always end up alone.
I know it's difficult, but hold on and try not to be so hard on yourself; we have others to do that for us.
Please know you are someone special and your day will come.

Awww thanks.

* hugs * I can relate in ways . Sorry to hear .

Continue seeking what you want and you may find it .