You And I

You spoke
I was mesmerized by your voice
You smiled
I was enraptured by the curve
You squinted
I was thrown by your adorableness
You touched
I was burned by the lack of distance
You stopped
I was lost
You changed
I was cross
You turned
I ran for you
You left
I don’t know what to do
There is no more “you” left
There is only I
Alone again
Self-pity again
Wondering again
Lost again
Untouched again
Without again


To help with my broken heart, i post whenever i feel the need onto a blog that i don't tell others about, but secretly hope someone would read and might forgive me. This is how i deal with my loneliness.

I am Eyterna.
Eyterna Eyterna
18-21, F
Sep 16, 2012