Never Felt More Alone

I just moved to a new state to live with my sister and her kids. My parents are in another state and so are my friends. I recently lost my best friend too. My sister is a total ***** and I think she's bipolar. Her kids mess the house up everyday. It's not their fault, they're autistic. I'm in a new school and I can't seem to make any friends. The guys in my class are just ******** and they don't seem to have a care in the world. All I have is my room and my laptop. Yes I'm pathetic, I actually realized that a few years ago. I have some other problems that I won't mention but they're affecting me too. It sucks not being able to talk to anyone or have fun. I just never felt more alone in my life than I do right now.
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

keep hope alive. Your situation will pass. Alot of people say they are bipolar they are just evil when they want to be.

Hold on, chin up it cnt be **** all the time its got to get better!! :)

Im a big believer in positive thinking I wnt through my own rough times a few years ago but it gets better. how old are u if u dnt mind me asking?