hate how money runs the world
hate how we have to work
hate how work separates us
hate how im more with them than you now
hate how at night i don't feel your warmth
hate how when i awake your now asleep
hate how money controls our life
hate how it controls my health
hate how it controls my peace
hate how we can't be with eachother more now
veganude veganude
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

very nice <3

thank u, i appreciate that

very nice poem this is how I feel also. The best society is were people are not worry about getting money and progress in other way like star trek. Money does control alot, but i know if I had alot of money I would feel my life helping others and saving live. I don't think enough rich people do this and there lives become empty and boring.

this is true

People need to start realising that life (that of ourselves and others) is more important than money...otherwise we will always be slaves to the 1%! They sell us the illusion that accumulating more money will bring us happiness, but it never has done and never will.

your so right, unfortunate that we have to live in a society governed by it