I'm just starting this blogging world, but maybe someone will give me the advise or reconciliation that i need in order to fix my "problem"...
I'm 19 years old, in a small town no one has heard of....blah blah blah.
I'm a red head, which comes with a permanent nickname. what is it? yup you guessed it, Red. I'm not sure why people want to call me Red all of the time, when my real name is pretty. Well I like it at least.
My name is Michelle, and I am hopeless. I have worst luck with men. Some may think that my luck is pretty good, but good in a wrong way. Anyways, I have never been in a relationship. I've never even been on a first date. I know, I am young, but I am lonely. I have only had "flings"....
Every guy i've "been with" keeps me in hiding. Like there embarrassed to be seen with me. they can do me in hiding, but can date me in public. Class A douchebags in this town ladies, i suggest to never live in the Upper Peninsula in the great state of Michigan. I really don't know what i do wrong.... maybe the first thing would be moving way to fast, but even when I hang out with them for a while its the same deal....idk. i mean i don't want to think there is anything wrong with me, but when a situation is repetitive, maybe there is... I feel like they don't want to get to know me. I feel like i am an interesting person, I'm easy to get along with, and I'm not horrible looking. I can be insecure but I usually get over it.
I'm lonely. I work everyday of my life at two minimum wage jobs. i struggle to get by, but i get by. i just wish there was someone out there to spark up my life a bit. I hope there is, because i don't want to spend my life inexperienced in relationships, because i don't want to screw my first one up. Help me, why am I in the wrong. Why is it me, who has to be hopeless...
teterouge teterouge
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Keep your "Red up" and everything will be fine!!!

You are picking the wrong guys or they are picking you. I would be proud to be with you, I can't beleive some people.

Listen Re....I mean Michelle. Sorry just had to mess with you for a sec (you do have rouge in your ep name though ;P). Blogging could be a very good way for you to find that spark. It will give you a chance to write down what you a feeling, it also can be very therapeutic (as I am finding). Good Luck in your Blogging :)

Haha well thank you so much :) I have just started, but i feel like blogging will help me hash out some feelings and get advise from all sorts of different people. I'm in a small town, the advise is sort of...the same. As are a lot of things here. Lol.

You are quite welcome. :) I look forward to reading your blog and offer any advice you might need.

Well thank you :) and same to you! my name is tete rouge, red head in french. I'm French and a red head, so i thought it was clever... :P lol