The Need For Somebody

i have no boyfriend and i daydream everyday that i have the love of my life i hope that one dy that i will find somebody i talk to myself alot at the point where i start crying because im lonely and the need to talk to somebody many people make fun of me and i hope that one day i can show people hoe beautiful i am inside and out and be able to find that somebody im looking for
danielle20316 danielle20316
13-15, F
3 Responses Sep 16, 2012

the dpnt know beter when the make fun off u just let them be your beter then that bunche off funmakers you sure will get you bf

I was so odd in high school or at least felt really odd all of the time. But my close friends were probably what kept me sane. I used to stay at his house once a week and goto youth group with him and we would stay up till midnight listening to music and just having fun. Also we would run around together and always do silly stuff with other friends. Basically it's what kept us sane.

I'm sorry girl. I hope you don't look for that in a boyfriend but mostly in a friend. Friends in high school can help you out so much. Try to meet with people and show an interest in what they are doing especially ifnyou like the same things. Many people are mean but a lot of people are sure nice if you can find a good friend

awwww, thanks for the advice