Can A Person Feel So Lonely And Stay Sane?

It's 1:34 am. I just spent the last hour having a religious debate with myself that went something like this. "What if there isn't a God? What if this is all we have? I'd spend my life in such loneliness and then *poof* that's it. But I believe that God exists, and that hell exists. If I'm right, then what happens to those people who are as lonely as I am, but who don't believe in God? They suffer in life and then must suffer in the afterlife as well?"

I've never felt such panic or confusion in my life. I was sure that any moment, I would just start screaming from the horror of it.

There has to be more than this.

I am so lonely.

I'm twenty years old, living in a small apartment by myself. I lost my dad to suicide when I was 13. In a way, I lost my mom at the same time. Our relationship has been distant since. My sister is trying to slowly drink and eat herself to death. I suffer from depression and social anxiety. I don't really have friends.The friends I do have aren't close at all. I am so alone. That's why I typed "I am lonely" in Google. Maybe I'll be able to hear from someone, anyone, on here. I don't even care what they say. I would just like my existence to be acknowledged. I just need to know that there is someone else out there who would care enough to read this. I've reached my breaking point. I feel like I'm going to lose my mind.
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I typed the same thing into google and found this site also. I thought that I had to have been the only one that did that. If you ever need anyone to talk to you can always talk to me. (((hugs)))

dude! first of all, I hear ya, coz we are almost of same age and is going through those ****** feelings. And please please ignore these good people who is absolutely sure there is a god. I mean I can tell you we are in matrix then. Right no way of knowing for sure. Best way to live is, live in the present. rational thoughts. let go of fear. let go of things that you are afraid to lose, that way you get rid of the fear of losing it. first thing in the morning initiate a talk with anyone you come across daily, a girl maybe. These thoughts of feeling alone and depressed is perfectly normal and many (rich or poor) go through it. it's okay you're feeling this now cz after a while you'll be done with this and be determined enough to do some action. it's all chemicals in the brain dude. know that fact. you don't have to feel this way. you do because you chose to. and that'll change.

God is Love . * hugs * I hear ya , I can relate in many ways , and want you to know that you can message me anytime . I have been lonely a long time and wanting friends and would be happy to be your friend . :)

First of all though , you need to cease this worrying about other people and their souls . It is a destructive distraction from YOUR relationship with God . It is none of our business to worry about such things . I encourage you to please let go and trust God , because God is more Loving and Just than any human being on this planet . This planet ( plan - et ) is part of God's Plan and the human world does not seem remotely just or fair , but God is ! ! ! Please TRUST and please pray . Let God know all your feelings . God is with you every moment and loves you . The Bible says " pray without ceasing " meaning carry on conversations with God like a companion .

I find it interesting that the fire and brimstone version of Hell which has been created is actually based on misinterpretations and things being lost in translation from Hebrew and Greek to English . Like I said , it is a ridiculous destructive waste of time to brood over such things . You really do have a purpose right here and now in this world . :) Again please message me anytime . * hugs again *

You're not alone ! You sound so sad and upset ; find a confident that you can talk to and share your feelings with. Don't bottle them up. And there is a God ! I found Him through the Church of Christ 30 yeras ago. I encourage you to start there and find someone who you can share your fears, doubts and questions with. Ask to see an elder perhaps. It gets better ! Ask God to reveal Himself to you. And read, study watch some positive things to strengthen your mind and outlook in life. I will pray for you