Waiting On Someone Like Me

I didn't choose to be lonely, but I am a kind of. I have some friends, not much but I have some. one of them knows everything about me, but she don't believe me, and many of my other friends, don't know my biggest secret. I don't trust people, I can see when they are lying or when they are super arrogant, I can see that to look at their eyes, and face expressions. I don't know why I'm possible to do this but that's the way I choose my friends, and it's also the reason why I don't have much friends, I am waiting on someone like me, someone i can share my biggest secret, someone who understands and believes me. Maybe'I'm not lonely but I feel lonely... Sorry if my english is bad, I am Dutch, so, it won't be that good =D

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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

I want to say I understand but honestly I don't know your situation I have plenty of secrets as well and most of the time it leaves me feeling alone, sad and a step away from depressed if your willing to tell I'm willing to listen, otherwise your situation is probly going to stay the same until you find someone you can really talk to.


Your welcome

I can sort of relate. Look, you're young, you will change, you will meet other people, you shouldn't worry about anything, I'm sure you'll settle eventually. You may feel lonely now, but things usually get better.