I'm Not The Old One

I was having a lot of friends from 4 years even all my school were my friends and my classmates gave me the most funny and popular on my class but I was always have two close friends in my school and two out of my school (boy and girl ) but I was having fun with last one more we were all the time with each other i was trusting them very much , actually my relation with my brother is not good so I loved this boy so much I felt that he is my real brother I trusted him very much and he also was loving me very much and suddenly I found him was not caring about me anymore and she didn't try to fix between us , after time I found them loving each other .
and now I'm not trusting people , i'm not the old one who was smiling all the time it's my second year in collage and I can't make friends I became isolated and introverted people always ask me what's wrong with me , I don't know how to deal with people anymore when someone talk I feel so nervous . I don't want to be alone .
newlifee newlifee
18-21, F
Sep 17, 2012