My Greatest Fear

The fear of being alone,,
Nobody there, holding yourself up. Stranded on a problem you cannot fix. You need support, help, someone. Questioning life, your purpose,
Why am I here?
suaave suaave
2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

same here

I hear what you are saying... a lot of us are in the same situation. I am still recovering from isolation of living in an apartment by myself (which I thought would be paradise soon turned into a dark nightmare of loneliness... it literally almost killed me inside :(( ) . H.O.P.E. (Hang On, Pain Ends) helps me out. Just keep having hope for the future, and try getting yourself out to do things and be around people. It's already helping me out!

Thankyou so much,,
it's nice to know that someone understands.

Of course :)