I Dont Know Were To Start.

I am not a great internet fan I only use it for work, but now that I have no work I find I am needing help.
How do I tell my story do I go back to when I was a child ?At the age of Twelve I got a paper round then a job in a garage then a job in a petrol sation by the time I was 16 I had three parttime jobs, never looked back worked all over the world had a great life sort or retired 6 years ago but went back to work, I think it was because I got bored Monday too Friday, dont get me wrong I love to have fun but I needed somthing through the week. Had a great time at the weekend then back to normality on Monday.
Hard to explain how I feel but I will have ago, I am sitting here talking to a computer looking for answers I cant find on my own.
I have lost everything I have ever owned apart from, apart from what, material things. What can you do with them, I have no food no money no value of life dont know what I am going to do in the morning.
The sad thing is I am or was a positive person who never had a problem I could never solve in my whole life.
I need advice

Pete3472 Pete3472
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Pete, I "Feel" what you are going through. I am on this site today because I am going through a similar situation and trying to reach out for help too. It really is true what people say about taking one day at a time and allowing yourself to be authentic in what you are feeling. Everyone has been telling me all the positive things I would be telling them if they were in this situation.But it wasn't what my soul needed. The thing that got me through the worst day I have had so far, was to have someone who actually cried with me without holding anything back. I'm talking about someone who went to hell and back "with me emotionally", physically crying with me out loud and mournfully. It was as if they were experiencing my pain for themselves as if THEY felt like it might be there last day on earth. And for the first time through all this, I felt like someone genuinely knew what I am going through and more importantly they felt it too. I felt a "soul connection". Though I would never want anyone to feel the desperation I felt that day....it truly helped me. Today I am re-visiting the pain and questioning of "why am I here, and do I matter to anyone?" And the answer is YES. As I type this to you, I am realizing that the reason I am reaching out is because there is a part of me that knows and feels that "I" matter to "Me". Otherwise I wouldn't be seeking help in the first place. I would not presume to guess that you agree with me about this, but it certainly feels right. Pete, YOU matter to YOU. You are the single most important person in the world right now. Do not allow yourself to give what is left of your personal power away to another. As someone who IS going through a devastating and questioning time also, I want you to know that I do FEEL YOUR PAIN. Truly. Remember, YOU come first. YOU are worthy of being here because YOU FEEL. You are a HUMAN BEING with TRUE emotions. And that makes you a very special person that we all need to associate with. Allow yourself to be authentic in your feelings as it is not only okay and acceptable, but it also proves to others that there are people on this planet who have the capacity and desire to be true to who they are. And I for one, celebrate your courage to be truly authentic. I hope this has helped in some way.
- Kathleen

Hi Karen thanks for you letter I dont know why I wrote that letter because its not me, I have read both mine and yours, as yours makes sense mine, I dont know, its not really getting what I feel. But thank you for replying.

Your a valuable person. Seek deep, seek hard, and seek with your heart, to find yourself again. And allow the light in. Please spend 20 mins in the sun and give yourself some warmth.