I Had It All But Then Time Took Its Toll

Everything was great so far for the past year. I became an alpha of a pack, found my soul mate & made a huge family of friends & have a job, you think that life would be perfect by now. But since school started my pack has been gone so long I feel isolated because there is no one to talk to. My fiance cant speak to me because her parents don't like me at all & they forbid us from speaking to each other & threaten to call the authorities on me if I see or speak to her. I never had a friend here in CA because I am different. I cant go to my parents because they see me as a freak & don't get me at all. I get lonely & isolated due to them all being gone & it makes me sad because they are my closest family in my life & its sad to not see them like before. No one to talk to & we are always busy. The loneliness gets to me & I feel sorrow alot of the time. My biggest fear is losing them & being alone again like before well more alone than now. Being alone is the worst because then you have no one to have fun or just talk with. 
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7 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Damn akhai am sorry this is happening, message me if you ever want to talk

I'm so sorry Akhai. If you need someone to talk to I'm here

Nothing is perfect forever. There will be down times, but when the good times come they are even sweeter

true very true

dude i'm always here everyone else may leave i wont im alwasy here to talk to no matter what ^.^

hey son what wrong you can talk to me if you would like just like in the old days right
loves your EP mom

thanks mom I will, the only reason we havent spoken in a while is because of school & a hectic schedule with work & just trying to keep my pack calm from recent drama

There will always be ups and downs in life. You have to keep your chin up and know that if you are doing your best things will fall into place. Forget what people think of you and concentrate on what you think of yourself. If you be who you be you will be happy in the end. Smile my friend x

Being alone like that is horrible. If you need someone to speak to, or even a friend, I'm here :) I hate seeing people alone or upset.

Thank you, I will keep that in mind