My Mobile Is Not Ringing !!

I'M 20 years old I lost contact with people I was so sociable from 4 years now I don't have friends except my friends from childhood when I sit with people I don't find and this because I trusted a person very much but he didn't deserve my trust I wish I can be the old one again
It's my second year in collage but I can't make friend and even when people talk to me I feel very nervous and don't know what say I making everything alone
I don't know if I became introverted or it's just period and it will pass it's really hurting very much when you mob. don't ring in your birthday after you used that it's not stopping ringing I need to make new friends in collage but I don't know how
I escape from not having friends in collage by not going there
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Hi Newlifee. Although I have rarely been the social type, I too find myself just doing things with friends back from high school. My reasons for being non-sociable may differ from yours. If I may, perhaps you have not fully resolved your feeling with the person you trusted "very much but he didn't deserve my trust". I know I have a hard time feeling comfortable around newer people, mainly because of my own inadequacies (i.e.: guilt, fear, etc.). Perhaps, if you fully explore your feelings about the past, you can feel sociable again. It sounds that your were able to be sociable in the past, I am sure you can be that way again.

you are completely right if I resolved my feelings my problem will be ended. thank you my friend :)

I hope you find your way back to your sociable self. I am sure you can, but it may take some time. Explore your feelings and make peace of the past. Do not worry about the social aspect before you do this. Hopefully, if you focus on the first part and complete that then you can focus on the social aspect of your life, which I am sure you will rock! Keep in touch my friend and tell me how it goes.

your words are so helpful for me and it gives me hope to return back to my old life thanks so much

Just be yourself and find out who you are. If you are true to yorself you will know who likes you for you. I grew up with so many "friends" but when you truly need a friend that list is quite smaller. If you are able to accept who you are and show yourself as who you truly are then friends will come. It might not be in big numbers but the ones you do make will be genuine and long lasting. Good luck my friend x

I don't know myself I don't know if I'm introverted or extroverted and this is just a period of my life and it will pass , my biggest problem was that i wasn't so I was having a lot of friends and now I don't have except two and most of the time I feel lonely , I just hope to find someone in my collage and accept me as I am .
thank you my friend :)