hello, i am 50 married and a fantastic family, i hear you all saying what are you doing here!!! i dont blame you... i have people around me yet i feel so alone i lost my mum last year and my world fell apart... i have the best mother in law a person could wish for.... but no one seems to understand the empty feeling i have inside.... i dont work, my friends seem to have drifted... i have always been there for them all when there lives were falling apart yet when i need someone so much they have gone.....i feel lost and so very alone.... i dont work i have brought my kids up and so loved every moment.... one has flown the nest and done so well at uni... my daughter in college i am so proud of them............... my husband has given me a comfortable home.... but will never understand how i feel at the loss of my mum.......i sit at home i shop on my own...i would so love for someone to know the empty feeling inside that i feel... yet i want to feel alive and enjoy life again x
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Hi Kate. I wholeheartedly agree with ravenbelle, it's hard to tell people how lonely you are when you're normally the one everyone it telling their problems to. You have to tell someone though or you'll burst. It's been 30 years since my mother died but I still remember walking around mor months and months afterwards feeling fine one minute then suddenly feeling that awful realisation "mum!!!!" and breaking into floods of tears.

I wish I could say it gets easier but I'm not sure it does. Some people (me for one) have had a lifetime to get used to feeling all alone even in the midst of the family and friends your head tells you love you dearly.

Someone hears you for sure, even if answers are few and far between.

Hi Kate ,

I feel for you. Its hard to get people to feel your pain when you are the one who usually comforts them I am sure. It's not that they do not care but the fact that I am sure the years have gone by with you being the one who consoled many and are not used to letting people console you. It is definitely a hard position to be in. Simply let your family know you need them. It will take a little time but there is no need for you to feel down, your mother would not have wanted you to feel sad about her passing. Feel alive and enjy life for her. Spread the love. your mom would want you to x