I am not feeling so great right now. I feel so alone. I'm trying not to feel this way....but at the end of the day, here I am...alone. i want to relax..but i cant concentrate....i am not feeling emotionally stable right now.
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I once was told a story when I was in a similar situation. The person told me do not worry because things will change. I did not believe them but when it did change I called them up and told them that things did change, and they said do not worry things will change! What this story means is that we are never at a constant and that when we are down we must realize that things wil eventually get better, and when things are good surely there will be a few negatives. Smile young women you are simply beginning your beautiful journey x

Me too ! But I think we should try to forget all our sadness and relax... Everything will be ok.
Have a nice day :d