No One Cares About My Story

i am lost, i don't really know what more i can say at this point. there is a lot of things running around in my head right now but in my heart a voice keeps telling me that i am alone and that voice is right. no one around me cares at all about me and what makes me happy, they all just like telling me who i am and what makes me happy.they are so close minded and do not want to change at all,i was told that having a child changes a person for the better. seems to like someone needs to tell my mother that because she just will not change, not for me, not for my brothers and not even for her last child my baby sister.the things she says to me have no love in them, just because some had you inside of them for 9 month's douse not mean they care and she has shown me just that. she never even wanted me and was forced to have me by my grand mother, so what makes her think that just because she is my mother that means that i HAVE to believe her every single time she says i love you. i can not think of one thing she has ever done for me that was out of love and not obligation , everything she has ever done for me was because everyone told here she should do it not because she believed that it was the motherly thing to do.
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Hope you are feeling better.

Ms. Amicawinters, you are far from alone. I'm so so sorry for your mother being the way she is. The fortunate thing is that you have so many other people to meet. I grew up without a mom. It's horrible. All the people around you have a mom and love their moms and you're stuck because your mother isn't in your memory as something warm and special. Approval from moms is so very important, especially to people our age. But you can carry on without her, I swear.

People can't relate to me either, simply because I never met my father until I was 24 and my mother was the object of so much shame for getting pregnant out of wedlock and under 18. I was raised by her parents as an obligation rather than as family. I have never known any kind of love other than from God. It is hard to be thankful for the effort made to take care of my physical needs, when I have nothing but dread and loathing for my own life, thanks to the shallow-mindedness of the typical North-American person.

i get what you mean so much, all i have ever wanted was love.even if it meant i would go to bed hungry, not many can understand just how important it is to satisfy someones emotional needs.

hi there... sad i read it.. don give up . u don hav to b lost or hated or left alone.. deep curves come to life wen there is happiness at the end.. so face it.. struggle hard fight n who knows there may b a greener side at the end... i face sme what similar prob just like u bt thing is ppl don care abt me n my mom.. all i feel bad is nt for me bt for mum.. she sacrifised lots of things to the ppl tat same ppl stab her nw .... bt stil i have hope tat one day me n mom wil overcome dis.... :)

People do care about you. It might seem like this is not the case but I assure you there are. I do not know you and am probably at the other end of the world from where you are and I am caring for you right now. Sometimes we think things that are incorrect especially in our younger years. As one gets older we see that it isnt black or white and that there is a lot of grey. Maybe your mom is mot showing you her love the way you need it but the best way she knows how. We must remember that our parents can only do what they know and maybe she did not learn how to properly love you. I went through this scenario when I was growing up and learned that these lessons where presented to me so that when I have a kid , which I do now , I will know how to love her because my parents did not know. Maybe this is a blessing to let you kow that when you are a mom you will not repeat your mothers mistakes and have a kid that truly knows that they are loved no matter what. People do get you its just hard to see that sometimes. Keep your head up and keep smilling. x

thank you that means a lot to me, it kind of makes sens the way you put it.