The Most Devastating Feeling A Human Feels

Humans were created to be relational beings. So when we find ourselves alone the feeling of being alone nit just brings us down but sucks the life right out of us. It is like a black hole. Well that is how I feel, I am tired of trying to reach goals just to fail, tired of not having anyone I can really be myself with and not be judged, tired of feeling like the blackness is closing in around me and no matter what I do I just can't seem to get out, tired of being around people all day but feeling alone. What really sucks is feeling alone and than doing stupid stuff so that you don't feel alone. i.e date the wrong person, MARRY THE WRONG PERSON, clubs, drugs, etc..
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I just finished watching the movie "yes man" and I think it would be great if people like us did exactly what they did in that move. Say yes to everything, let no opportunity pass us by.

I know how you feel right now- so im not able to encourage as i spent the summer trying to drive it away, and now it seems the fall has me just sinking into the blackness without the will to even try to drive it away any longer. So the best i can do is let you know you arent alone...

Thank you, feel so alone and the sad part is I work with youth and young adults and help them get through it but at the same time i get deeper n.

Yes. Humans are social creatures. We all crave, and need, the physical, emotional, mental, and for most, sexual, contact of another. Some choose to be alone, and that is their choice of course, although many still have friends, so they aren't totally without human contact.

I understand the darkness. Have been trying to escape it for most of my life, even when I was younger, and didn't really recognise that I was. Actually, at first I wrote that I was trying to "live in" the darkness. But it's not living. It barely even feels like an existance. I guess that is part of what having a social life gives us. A frame, and a boundary, for our own existance. We can have someone to share our experiences, our hopes, our fears, and our dreams with. I suppose some do sleep around, or get married to someone just so they can be with another person. Others try to numb the darkness with drink, or drugs, often claiming that it at least makes them forget. But not everyone is like that. Not everyone wants, or will settle for, a simply temporary solution. Huh, and some of us just don't get the chance (in regards to sleeping around).

Your right, in that no matter what we do, we don't seem to be able to escape the clutches of the darkness. That's one thing about being lonely that many, non-lonely, people just don't want to understand. That you can't escape it on your own. That often, even being in a crowd, a group, a club, school or work, doesn't lessen the loneliness. Doesn't like the darkness. I've often been told that I simply have to "put myself out there". But how can you, when you don't know where to put yourself, because it feels like you don't belong anywhere, or fit in with anyone.

We can't escape this prison alone. We can't light the darkness without something to spark that light on. We just need someone to hold out their hand, and show .. not just say the words, but show us .. that we're not alone .....

Maybe i just need u 2 write what i am feeling from now on. Whats going on with you or n you to make you feel like this??

Well said.