When Will It Get Better?

These last few days have been an eye opener for me. I have realized how utterly pathetic I am. Everyone around me is finding love, getting married, and starting families. The natural progression of life. I feel as though I am stuck with no hope of ever having any of those things. I have never been in a serious relationship, nor have I ever been in love. I still get nervous & shy around men (pretty pathetic huh?). I have no friends. I do go out alone at times, but it makes me feel even lonelier when I see others out with their friends. I just want to give up sometimes. If life is going to be like this, why bother trying?
ShySmile77 ShySmile77
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

In many ways I know how you feel and am something like a male version of you. I am 35 and the only women I ever had truly strong feelings for totally rejected me in very humiliating and hurtful ways and my relationship experience with women is so minuscule it is not worth mentioning. I have some people I consider friends but now that they are all married and or have kids I am spending more and more time alone as no one seems to have time for me. I struggle with the decision to go out alone and feel bad for being alone or staying in and feeling pathetic for not going anywhere. All of this has lead me to gain weight which makes the unlikely possibility of finding love even more unlikely. I often see myself as so pathetic(I have career issues as well) that the idea of any women being attracted to me is impossible. I understand how you feel and bet your are smarter and more thoughtful than other people as I am and your uniqueness caused by your depth of thought makes you feel like you don't fit in. Keep the faith. I have been able to not surrender by remembering the joy I get from music, films, knowledge etc that most others will never have. I also realize that life is uncertain and one can never tell what is around the corner be it horrible or wonderful.

i no how you feel

I'm sorry :(