Too Different

Though society used to be filled with people that were a lot like myself on the essential issues, though we would have vastly differed in tastes, regardless that was well before I was born anyway. In todays world I am just the right mix of old and new to isolate me from every group.

There isn't a single place on this whole planet where I fit in, nor can i adapt to the others, the reason I am different than them is that I see things they do not, thing I cannot ignore. There are a tiny handful of people out there who are like I am, and so through every means available to me I continue searching for them so we can form our own society and a home and family for people like ourselves.

Those I have come very close on a few occasions, to this day, after decades of searching, I have found only one person who is like minded with me on the essential principals but this person is going through hard times and cant be in contact very much, so in their absence I am very lonely. Both of us hope to find more people like ourselves, but it is truly like searching for a needle in a haystack.
Wolfbilly Wolfbilly
41-45, M
Sep 23, 2012