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Some say the eyes are windows to the soul, or a person can tell just by looking at your face whether or not you're generally happy. I should be on cloud 9. My man and I sleep in the nude together every night. We had our much wanted baby a few years ago against all odds. I know he will never hit or cheat on me. He is a good man, hardworking, a good provider, wonderful father. But I'm so isolated. He goes out several times a week. Most times I'm his designated driver. Other times he gets out and enjoys his hobbies. But he's so jealous. I can't go anywhere, or visit anyone. Not even my own family without drama. They live in a different city. All I can do is put on a big smile and happy face. But I'm crying inside.
Wildflower2 Wildflower2
41-45, F
Sep 23, 2012