I Feel Alone

For the most of my life I have felt alone. But I won't talk so much about the past but.

For the now time. (Sorry my english, I have problems :()
I go to school. (11th year). And most of the time I feel so alone. I got "friends". But no one I can be nor talk with about what I want. And most of the time, I feel closed out of the conversations.
I know I might be a boring person in real-life. But on the internet I can be so full of life that people get shocked.

I don't really feel my parents nor anyone in my family care about me.
I live with my grandparents. (Fostercare). And my parents never ever ask me to come and visit them. (I'm allowed to go to them as I want, since I'm 17 1/2)

But I feel so alone, I can't really put things that well into this text.
But I do want someone to chat with :(
Jorn17 Jorn17
18-21, M
Sep 24, 2012