Loneliness Hurts. Gay?

Hello! my name is Emmanuel but, you can call me manny. I am an 18 years old college student, and I love music and instruments. My life is great, but I don't have any friends. I feel so lonely all the time when I'm traveling, in the train when I see people with their friends and I look at myself and notice how lonely I am. When I'm eating somewhere, in college, or even on the streets. I try looking for friends that would love me for who I am. Gay or not gay. I'm starting to believe that I don't have any friends because, every time I have a guy friend, my emotions get mixed up, and I start to fall in love with my friend. I don't know what to do in that case. I don't believe in gay love but yet I do have these feelings. I often don't know what to do. That is why when I have an opportunity to make a new friend, I choose not to. Then again, I feel lonely. Is there any hope for me? Life is teaching me so much, and it is so overwhelming. For now, my only friend is my guitar.
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Don't close yourself off from people. I am also in college and understand what your gowing through. My first semester was difficult but I eventually forced myself to put myself out there and meet people. i developed a false confidence and used it to meet other. After that i joined a fraternity and made a few close friends. I might not be out of the closet to them but theres this feeling of brotherhod and i know they would support me. Now in regards to fallinng in love, i think sometimes when we're lonely, we like to fool ourselves we are in love. I've had many experiences falling for a guy then wondering why I even liked him. I'm not really good with advice but I hope I helped a bit.

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Thanks A and trust me, it helped me tons... :)

anything it's ok, someday you can find a friend who can accept you.
you can chat me if you want

It's sad really how we sometimes feel that we are alone in this world. I mean, it's not even good especially when you wouldn't wish to be.

Well you may not believe in it, but don't fight it. if it happens, it does, and if nothing does, then I guess you're not. That's the way I see things, we should all just be open to finding out who we are instead of trying to make ourselves something were not. Good luck :)

Guys can and do love other guys, it's not only about sex. You can make guy friends, and feel love for them, but just go along patiently and let them also get to know you. Just make friends, and you will find some that you can reveal yourself to and talk to about your feelings.

I can't leave comments on your whiteboard or add you because I'm an "adult" (haha, me?), so if you want more replies and stuff on EP you can change that setting... not saying you should, just saying... Good Luck, I really feel for you. I have similar problems and it's good to know we're not alone.