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Who Am I ?

New day, New beginning, New start,
All is possible and everything can be accomplished.

After countless requests from my beloved and faithful fans and friends, especially, from my cats - I decided to publish the most revealing short story about me.

It is the first part of the book on which I am working relentlessly and it was written on the demand of my editor. After 2 weeks of hard work, results can be seen below.

Hm… not much. 

Anyways, I love writing my books though I did not write any so far. It does not matter much coz I enjoy the whole process. Just keeping busy, happy and healthy.

Piotr Grzywacz , born in Poland on February 14,1965 at 06:05 hours in the morning in the middle sized city of Gdynia by Baltic Sea.

The city of Gydnia is a part of three towns joined together where one is called Gdansk. The same Gdansk where II- World War started and the Solidarity movement was established. The climate of the place where fight for freedom and social justice was present throughout history built the imagination of a young writer. After many attempts at trying to change the reality, he recognized that all his efforts were hopeless and decided  to start the journey inside seeking for inner awakening. After 6 years of living in Gdynia, his mother divorced and married a  second time, taking the small boy to a little town on the other side of the country. It was a completely new life and the beginning of constant travels from place to place and reestablish his life from scratch time after time. It was at the same time when inner homelessness and feelings of loss and abandonment developed in the psyche of the growing writer.

The second marriage of his mother was not happy at all and Piotr was not able to develop proper feelings of attachment and family love or togetherness. Hence, he grew wild and hibernated in his lonely and dark world of melancholy. Nevertheless, from the onset, at school - he was recognized as a very talented and hard working student, being always the best in every class. At that time, he developed a strong passion for reading books and living his life alike characters in the stories which he read. All hardships pushed him to stay in the world of dreams, detachment from reality - thus creating multiple personalities of a future writer.

After finishing primary school at the age of 15, he decided to leave his mother and go back to the place of his birth where his father was residing. He enrolled at Marine College and started his education as a Mariner. After 4 years, he finished his College as one of the best students and the next year, cleared exams of the Naval Institute in Gdynia. Finishing institute in 1990 allowed him to become an officer Chief Steward on passenger ships. 

In 1990, he started studying Theology as well as strongly contemplating to quit some Institutes and become a priest. Being a student of Theology, he was allowed to see the life of clergy behind the curtain. After 3 years of the study of Theology and deeply disappointed with the life of the highest servant of the church, he quit. That moment his journey as a Christian Catholic ended.

From 1980 to 1991, he spent 3 years consecutively on the sea as Mariner or Steward but in 1991 he left the ships.

In 1991, after meeting Buddhist masters - he developed an interest in the path of enlightenment. Next he studied the new religion deeply and learnt everything that was in his reach. In 1997, he formally became a Buddhist.

In 1991, he established his own association and started working as the cultural promoter. He coined and published his own monthly Art Magazine - "Przedproza" and revealed himself as a writer and journalist. In no time, with his unique style and undeniable writing talent, he was discovered by the local media. By the end of 1991, he was offered a job as a reporter in the biggest local newspaper, Dziennink Baltycki. He got jobs in local TV and radio as well. For 2 years, he was producing and conducting his own Radio Show, thus becoming an extremely popular Radio Presenter and DJ.

In 1994 - at the peak of his carrier as a journalist, he received an offer to build his own Radio Station in cooperation with European Union. He stopped all his activities as journalist, writer, presenter and producer to completely commit to the new station. In the middle of 1996, his idea of an International Station succeeded and received concession for emitting 24 hours programming. Unfortunately, he was not asked to become the Chief Editor of this newly open Radio.

At the end of 1996, he went for vacation to see his mother who  meanwhile had moved to Canada. After 3 weeks of being in Toronto, he decided to become a Canadian. He is now living in Toronto - Canada. In this new land he has worked in construction and demolition. Had his own private company and worked as a handy man. Finally, he started working as a freelancer in local newspapers.

In 2003, after the death of his mother due to stomach cancer, he withdrew from all public life and started a long retreat to contemplate the meaning of life. This led him in 2009 to join Buddhist monastery and start the life of monk. After 2 years of tough discipline of body and mind, he left the monk hood in the desire to share his talent of writing and his inner self with the world. He is now living for others - like never before.

Piotr Grzywacz published his first works in the local newspapers in the form of poems and short stories. He published his poems and philosophical works in his magazine "Przedproza." He was able to publish his collection of poems and short stories at Poland in 1985 and 1992.His present works in English can be found on 'Experience Project' - the biggest sharing website in the world where he enjoys great popularity. Look for his home page under the nickname "Bolek".

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 54 Responses Oct 17, 2012

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I loved this story, yet feel your always pushing obsticles to get your true talent heard. Perhaps self publish on kindle? This is the first story I have read of yours, lets see what else you have there. Keep writing for free here, I love it.

Very interesting. You are a talented writer.

Thank you and you are kind.
Beautiful as well.

Thank you.

Bolek, you are very inspiring. Have you ever read "The Tao of success" book? I love Taoism and budhism. It definitely makes you a better you and gives you the knowledge to understand life and live it fully. Erica

No I did not read that book but I am familiar with Taoism.
I will do my best to read that book.
I am glad that you are here.
If I can do something for you let me know.
I wish you great time there.

Hi Bolek

I am originally from the tricity also! Thoroughly enjoyed your piece.


I dont know what all you've done wrong in life,but this fore sure has been written almost perfectly right.Great work.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I would never have guessed that English wasn't your native language. You are definitely a very talented and motivated individual.

You are very kind.
Thank you.

WOW What an inspiring story. You definitely have potential ....

I truly like authors like John Grisham, Steven Speilberg, and anything that is based on a true story is always my favorite; movie or book.

All comes from life and become art.
At least that how story goes in my life

What a varied and interesting life you've led to date. I enjoy reading your stories Peter, they're quite inspirational. Your experience with Theology - was it the hypocrisy that compelled you to leave the church? I too was raised Catholic and that was my reason for leaving so I'm just curious. :)

Yes It was that a bit too. But there was one story I had...
Still I respect church a lot. Talking about that It won't bring any good for anybody.

Fair enough but I wasn't really asking for details though Peter. :)

Inspiring! x

Thank you.

You have led a rich and adventurous life so far friend! Better still, and my favorite part by far, is that you have learned from every bend in the road. You are a learner, which makes you a wonderful teacher, which is why you are such a powerful writer. I appreciate that and enjoy your posts very much. I would encourage you to keep going, but I know you couldn't possibly stop anyway. : ) Best wishes Bolek.

I am proud to be your friend and have chance learn from you.
Your words are giving hope and pleasure on my path.

I like it. You are a very talented writer.

Thank you so much.
You are great.

Your welcome and thank you!

My pleasure.


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awesome:) very inspiring! Godbls u more:)

Thank you.
God bless you too.

A very interesting and diversified life you have had so far Peter! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much. I hope that the best is still in a front of me and all of us.

Hope you find happiness

Thank you.

Your welcome

Your very good...

Thank you. You made my day.

I need learn english hard,I can't understand this =!!=

Don't worry. Speak your mind.

It's a pleasure to read behind the words, it seems you are a suppliant of all and a petitioner of nothing. Just where one sole being needs to be. Very lovely.

I see you can see.

Maybe you should call yourself the Wanderer. What were you looking for? And did you find it?

I am wanderer. I was just living my life looking for happiness and fulfillment. Still looking but I am extremely comfortable.


Wow. I like it.

very nice job....

Hi. How are you ?

Very interesting. I look forward to reading more from you now.

Thank you.



This is an awesome piece of work....Pet i love to read your writing...keep them coming....HUGS,Kim

You are always in my mind.

As you are in friend...Always,,Kim

Thank you for thinking about me.

you bet!...Always Kim

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nice to meet you :-) I will remove ep from the story; most of us don't want it to be popular.

OK. I understand. I am writer and I want whole universe to read my stories. Is it a bad thing ? .... and if many are is it popular or not ? No I don't want to be popular I want my story to be read by all.

not bad; you should be proud of writing a book; you're a great writer. I'm hoping no one will find me on here.

Your writing is a breath of fresh air Peter....your stories of ur life are fascinating and insightful....the more stories I read the more I want to read :) Thank you for sharing this opener to ur book....I look forward to reading more. Hope you are well...x

Doing great. Thank you. You make me smile.

Thank you Peter. That was wonderful. I love getting to know you through your stories. You share so much of yourself with us. You truly are an inspiring person.

I hope so. Thank you.

You have had a amazing life. When you finish your book i want to get a copy

It would be my pleasure to offer you one.

I love your writing style...What an amazing life you have led... don't ever stop writing... or living... and, I beg you, please keep sharing your fascinating stories... peace and love to you...

You are beautiful with every word you say. You are beautiful to me.
Thank you. I will.

Peter, thank you for sharing apart of your life with Ep. The more I learn about you the more I love you as a friend. Not many people intrigues me, but you are among the few. My heart goes out to you. smiles***

Your heart is always with me.


You know Piotr, your writing is fascinating, i really truly enjoy reading all the stories you have posted! You are very selfless and inspiring! keep it up :)

Wow. You taste so good.

This is nice write up. It brings our whole life ..back to life

Thank you. Yes that is very true.

May I have your autograph? :-) I really like how you write, and being that I'm a reader, of course I want to read more of your stories, and since I have a bit of time to kill, I believe I'm going to!

Great. That makes always very happy. Sure. Thanks.

Your life story is fascinating.. I like the way you make your sentences.. somehow it makes me feel something when I read what you write. I would like if you wrote the in first person..
What really fascinate me is the inner travel i sense you have been on...

Thank you. I will take your request under serious consideration.

loved your life story youve done so much surprise at u being a priest, have u found your lifes goal with wirting now and do u hope to go on and do other things. such an inspirational lifes journey loved reading and thanks for sharing with all your ep pals. your an inspiration. and hey you got me towrite a few sentences what an acheivement !! LOVEYA.XXXX

Love you too.
Thank you,

You are the light..when it is beyond sight
A life travelled in miles, with little bit of smile
Lonely but friendly, encouragingly brave
Inspiration for people who never get ensalved
As a friend we may teae you with small actions of love
But, as a man, we will always prasie your efforts
in life, in works, in beliefs of human heart :)
good writing..good thoughts..goodness within ..

Sound wonderful.

you are wonderful :))
good work..keep it up..the work of course :)

Love that you shared something of yourself, I feel I know you better and what an amazing life.

I am glad that my life amazed you.

Very Impressive !! Peter, loved reading your Biography.. keep up with such good work :)
A wise person you are... feels great to connect with such people !

Amazing. Thanks for the lovely words.

Wow... that is wonderful writing.
You truly touched my soul with your writing.

Thank you for sharing.

You are an amazing writer.
Keep the good work!


I can feel that love is all around you. Ii is wonderful to feel you happiness.

an excellent write :-)

Please continue with more such posts :-))

Thanks. I will.

Thanks for inviting me always to read your writings... especially this one, which at least letting us know more about you.... you are really great in everything you do.

I wish...... Thank you. I try my best. You are always welcome.

Interesting. That's for sure.

Thank you.

thanks for sharing, Peter...


Peter i cant wait to get to know u more. Glad we finally connected on here. would love to pick ur brain about a few subjects. You r a great writer

I am ready all the time to share.
Thank you.

Thank for sharing your biography; it gives us more incite about your life and makes us see the type of individual you are; I feel very honoured to be one of your friends :)

I will do everything to keep earning trust of yours in me in every step of my life.
Thank you.

well written, well done.

All will be good. Trust me.

thank you for sharing so much about yourself . . . its nice to know you better Peter . . . we share similar experience at about the same time in life which I find interesting . . . keep up the great works . . . write on . . . 8D

Yes. I knew from the day one of meeting you that we have so much in common.
Thank you.

I am awed and inspired by your life story. Now I know that the passion and emotions of your written work stem from what you have gone through in your life. I think though that there are details in each chapter in your life that you can still write about subsequently. Thank you for sharing. It has always been my pleasure to read your stories.

Oooo yes for sure. It was maybe max 10 % of what happened in my life. I will tell it all in no time. Thanks.

Wow. You have had an intriguing life. Not at all easy and certainly helped to shape who you are today.

Yes - my life was extraordinary and still is.

You have definitely lived a full life. You have made great accomplishments, you seem like you are a wonderful man. You will never be lonely here on EP. Thank you for a peek into your life.

So nice. Thank you for your wonderful words.

Thank you for the look into your life. Peace to you


You've certainly have had a busy, interesting life. Thanks for sharing. I am glad to have you as a friend.

agreed....glad to hv you....:)

I can't be more happier that just to learn how wonderful friends you are.

You have lived it learned and given back,I am honored to be your friend!Thank-you

its honour.....personely i also want to be a journalist tooo......and this is my mother's wish.

Pleasure is mine. My time is yours.

I will make a great journalist one day I am sure.

Amazing....! really what alife.....full of experiences.....full of learning.......Hats of to you....! good luck for the further.....!

Whatever I know It is here for you.
You can take it whenever you wish.

wow what a life you have had so far thank you for letting me in to your life, i love it, xx