I feel invisibe all the time.I find myself screaming inside talk to me! look at me!! Nothing
And the few times they do notice me is to laugh at me or make me feel so horrible, unwanted, inferior.
I feel so inferior compared to anyone.
Maybe I`m looking for perfection when I know that`s impossible.
Except that I`m perfectly invisible
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5 Responses Oct 20, 2012

Yeah I hate feeling like that.When that happens.You'll need to be your own best friend. Rely on your cognition(the little voice in your head that you hear when you think your thoughts.) just say positive things to yourself.If that doesn't help. You & I could always spend hours talking with me saying positive things to you,that could help(no funny business) I promise.I'm just trying to help.

Don't give a ****. Believe in yourself. No one can hurt u but yourself. They will stop laughing only if you stop caring about it. Be happy.
Keep Smiling! :)

I can feel your pain...

in the search for perfection u lose everything it happens to me all the time i want to be perfect i end up failing to achive the simplest things in life , life is so complected and people are just so full of contradections i hope u find some people who can welcome u so u won't feel lonely anymore

so sad hun but your not invisable to me i know about that screaming and noone hears and laughing at me i am here if you need me good story