Are You Lonely?

Are you lonely?Well you might be or you might not be,if you are that kinda person who can cry having seen pain,when you come across anybody's sorrow you can feel it and your eyes get wet,you cannot see anybody suffering a miserable life as well,so you are not lonely because God dwells in your heart and he is your eternal friend,he never leaves you neither he will,because he knows that you have a heart which can feel pain,sorrow and loneliness of others and top of that you have very beautiful eyes which always get wet having come to know pain and problems of others,just you need to get to know who really you are and who is your eternal friend the one who is divine intelligence and above all we were lonely in the womb of our mothers and we will be in our graves as well,he was with you and he will be when everybody will leave you.

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thanks sunshine and maimoona.

all what have u said is 100% true

OMG YOU'RE RIGHT! I was feeling the pain of loneliness this month. Yesterday we were doing something and everyone held hands and prayed and...all the pain was gone!...but now it's back :-(

you are welcome and read my next story as well if possible.

it is true, I feel lonely only when I have neglected my spiritual ralationship with our creator. As soon as I connect, I am no longer lonely. Thank you for the reminder!

same here grtgrl read the next as well

thanks heartprotection.

Your words are to be remembered, by all of us. Thank you for sharing your work!

thanks my dear friend 4thehellofit,got inspiration from you,always are in my prayers.

b blessed!Ameen ya rub!

Beautiful...lonely, but really never alone. Love it!

i appreciate the kind words about my story,i simply wrote what i felt,neither i am a saint nor sage merely a damn sinner.Would like to thanks to wercya04 and codename nevermore as well.

B blessed!ameen ya rub!

I liked when you said ' we were lonely in the womb of our mothers and we will be in our graves as well' . It gave some sort of realization. Thanks. :)

Wise words.

thanks i really appreciate your kind act to read it.
b blessed!

this is very beautiful and so very true you have a great heart my friend thank you so much for shareing