Sometimes I wander if I pushed away people without realizing it? No one talks to me, no one calls me, no one texts me, no one chats with me. Did they forget about me? am I that forgettable?.
Sure when they needed me I was there, when they were sad and needed advice I was always there.
I´m pissed actually, and sad of course. No one around me is there when I need them.
It´s like they don´t want to be near me for too long. I guess I´m that repulsive.
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I'm in the EXACT same boat! I've always and always will be there at a drop of a hat for them in any situation. Now, every time I need someone, it's as though I've suddenly become invisible...and alone.

I agree, Even friends that I have known over ten years never call or text. It always seems that when they call or text they need something but never just to talk. Its like I am the one that has to do all the calling and texting to initiate the conversation. I am here for those who would like to stop this trend from others to make a difference.

same here no nothing .. everyday is the same .... :') i feel what you feel . true friends ? none ... my so called "friends" just come and meet me when they need help , and for sure i'm there for them .... whenever they're lack of money ... i'll help them .. just because i remember the name 'FRIENDS' but let's take a look now , we got nothing .... am i right ?

I'm sure it isn't you; people come and go in our lives but true "friends" stay.

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I feel the exact same way often times, I try, I really do, but most people just seem to write me off or keep me around as some kind of last resort. I don't know what it is.. I try, I care, but it seems hardly anyone else does at all. Even on here, a lot of people act like they want to be friends and socialize, but most of the time after I add them and try to talk to them it sure as hell doesn't seem that way. Whether it's in life or online, it's surprisingly difficult just to find someone I can talk to. I'm always stuck wondering whether it's their fault or mine, I'm pretty damn sure it's not my own fault, but the slight fear of the possibility is always there.

Sometimes I wonder the exact same thing.

As the others have said. There's no judgement from people on here.
You'll find many other people in simillar situations, and it makes you feel better to know you're not alone.
We are all here to support each other :)

Well you will find many people on EP that want to chat w/you and want to get to know you.I hope you connect with a lot of people.Get on here and talk to people and let them get to know you ,it will help.I am sorry btw how lonely you are.Hang in there please.