Who Ever You Are I Need You Who Ever You Are I Love You!

An old man was wandering the streets and pondering about his life,he was thinking about his family when everybody was with him and people needed him but now nobody needs him anymore,they all have gone from his life and he is all alone with his misery and loneliness,it was autumn and it was being very windy as well.He was going pass from an orphanage and suddenly a peace of paper came and stuck on his foot he bent down and picked up the paper,he came across a note and it was written in crayon in a childish hand writing,the note says "WHO EVER YOU ARE I NEED YOU WHO EVER YOU ARE I LOVE YOU".

The old man looks around and comes across an orphanage on his right hand and he starts searching that who wrote that note and suddenly he founds a very cute and little girl,she was peeping through a window and was a bit anxious as well.

He waved at her and went from there.The very next morning he comes again at that orphanage and he bought some sweets for that little orphan girl,he starts waiting for her and when she comes he waves to her and calls.she comes down and from the fence they both talk to each other and become friends.

Time goes by and now they are very good friends.The old man daily comes there and buys whatever he can for his little friend,the girl is so happy to find a good friend whom with she can talk and play.

One day the old man does not come,she waits for her a lot and having seen that he is not there she is very anxious and gloomy too.

She keeps waiting for him but can not see him anywhere,finally she comes to her room and again starts writing the same note in her childish hand writing,


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well common sense is a sense which is uncommon my dear raylr,dont think loud and hard other wise . . . . . . .

Why is there a "Whoever you are" All the times the old guy came to the orphanage. They never decided to exchange names.

when i was writing believe me my eyes were wet,i felt it deep down in my soul,thanks!

Heart wrenching! Omgoodness...you trying to make people cry? Truly beautiful.