Philosophy Of Zero Expectation!

If we really do not want to be lonely,disheartened and unhappy in our lives then we must start adopting the "PHILOSOPHY OF ZERO EXPECTATION"..though it is a difficult task but not impossible,at least we can reduce the graph of our expectations.Being human we expect from people so many things in return because neither we are saints nor sage,we live in a society which believe in "you scratch my back i will scratch yours".

However,we can be happy and have serenity in our lives,we just need to adopt the habit of "JESUS CHRIST" and the habit was the same,believing in the "philosophy of zero expectation".

One day 10 lepers came to the Jesus and asked him to help them,they knew that he can cure them from that deadly disease,having seen them in a miserable condition he put his hand on their bodies and they all got well in no time.

What happened after that nobody stopped and paid a token of gratitude to him after getting themselves cured,except one.

The one who left,having seen the whole situation he asked the Jesus.well no one stopped and said even a single word of thanks although they should have,on this the Jesus replied that man "well even you did not stop and would not say a single word of thanks i would not mind at all,because i do not expect things from people and i practice "the philosophy of zero expectation".

If we really want to be happy and have peace of mind and heart so we must try to adopt this as well.

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the theory of zero expectation

I think this should be repeated daily :)

thanks to support my story,i really appreciate it,b blessed!

No problem! Take care!

You are right! the more people practiced this, the happier they will be. Good point!!