I Dont Want to Be But I Am

I have always been a survivor - no matter what happened to me - I have always picked myself up, dusted off  and got back on the bus.

but even though the weather is beautiful and I have been writing my poetry... I still feel just alittle lost...

Like I have no one to confide in. to talk to, to rant to, to laugh with... I live with my elderly parents - and my mom is my bestfriend - but she is in the hosptial again - 2nd urinary tract infection in a month. 

so on Mothers Day I am home alone, while the greatest mother in the world  = is in the hospital with tubes everywhere and because I have a temperature of a 100 (why I don't know - I don't feel sick) - I can't go see here.

She forgives me, but I can't forgive myself.

41-45, F
3 Responses May 13, 2007

Sounds like you good at being a survivor u go leafy my hat of to u

I'm so sorry you couldn't see your mom. You're lucky to have one that understands.<br />
Speaking as a florist, mother's day is just a Hallmark holiday anyway (but it lets me keep my job) Sounds like you celebrate every day with your mom. :-)

{{{{HUGS}}}} to you. I"m sorry you couldn't be w/ your mom on her special day. Be glad that you have a mom that you Want to spend time w/ and that Wants to spend time w/ you!!!