I'm So Lonely

I'm 22, still a virgin, lonely as hell, feel like I've lived on this Earth for centuries, can't find a man I can connect to and fall in love with, can't find a woman either, out of luck, different from the rest of the world, weird, eccentric, shy, lonely.

Ashamed. People don't love me for who I am. I just want to be loved.
i'm so lonely. It hurts.
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19 Responses Nov 2, 2012

yeah i knw what it fees to be alone....a sense of lonliness built around you....not having anyone special to ask you whether you are oki by the end of the day no one to care.. :(

hy but dnt feel low......its a phase of time it will passby...i knw words are very simple to type and say bt dear...i too going from the same time...

if you can, you can msg me anytym....i hope people from the same boat..feels the same what it feels like...

Take it easy girl , being lonely in the right way is wisdom and not a fault. You can be lonely in a group and still suffer .

sometimes we need to make our standards not so much just enough to reached out and make people aware on you and what you are,so that you will have friends and a boyfriend that will care and love you...

I know exactly how you feel you're so lonely it hurts

Dont be ashamed of what you are. I just hope that one day you will find the man who really truily deserves a great woman like you.

Talk to me

Please take care and love yourself before giving yourself to another. I lost my virginity at 22 and have regretted it ever since! Take your time sex is not all it's cracked up to be.

problem is you said you're a virgin. Most people on here will now see you as a lay, so be careful.
EP is great for support, but watch out for the pervs.


Hi, Lenaa!

I know how it feels to be lonely! However, it’s best to put yourself out there if you want people in your life. It can be scary, especially if you’re shy, but life is about taking chances. I’m confident you will find many who will accept and love you just for who you are….we all have something to offer someone in this world…and you are no different. If you want to talk, just send me a message!

I see you're from florida. depending on how close you are to ocala, I would love a new friend to hang out with. add me and hit me up :)

i know exactly how you feel

yeah it does, if you wanna chat anytime just send me a message. x

hey hi leena, listen i am facing the same issue every single day, i had a bro who s got married & stlled 7 seas far away from me...no one to be free with or to share relation with....i jus want a fren...will u be something special to me? -- buzz me if u think i am the right - 9164433245

try doing yoga at a yoga or fitness club, you might find a hobby that you love, and meet new people too

Hey dear, wud love 2 be ur friend! Maybe we could get to help each other...

lonely is the greatest adventure ever. be ready to duck,or embrace what comes to you. demand respect,you will get their best.

No need to be Ashamed
just be urself....
They say that for everyone in this world, God has
made someone or the other, for each one....


I'm here for you Lenaa.
Hit me back . . you will thank me later. ;)

Lol. How come it could possible a person without a booty. ;) strange. . isn't it?
Now i eager to meet you. . If i see your booty then be sure your booty will no more virgin after that. ;)

Hahaha I just see an *** n a ***** in a woman. . That's it and i love to **** her *** like there is no tomorrow for me.
well if world call me a pervert. . then i dnt give a damn. . i just dnt care. . we live once. . so we should enjoy it to the core. ;)

Have You Tried Jesus?

I know exactly how you feel. Kinda felt like you were describing my situation. I'm 21 and now that I'm living alone, I feel this way more than ever.