It Never Ends, Does It?

I am in an interesting situation. I live with my ex wife and my son. Most people would be like, "No, you aren't lonely, you got a family..." No, the type of loneliness that tortures me is different, less palpable than what most of you might imagine. I do not seek the touch of a woman. Though I am straight by orientation, I feel like women are nothing but trouble anymore, and I'm starting to get tired of going to the trouble.
I say that I am lonely because my mind, my intelligence, rests on a higher peak than what most people can see or even fathom. I'm not some elitists who thinks he's better than everyone because he's smart, and the kind of intelligence I posess is not something you can gain from any mere textbook or from a professor. I am a master of what is known as common sense. I am plagued with an overabundance of social ettiquette, sympathy, empathy, and a lot of other pathys I don't feel like looking up at this current juncture. On top of this, I have one of the most overactive imaginations conceivable. Where you might have an easy time building the perfect room or house in your brain, I create entire worlds in mine, complete with creatures you'd read about in fantasy and sci-fi novels. I retreat into my imagination almost constantly because it seems it's the only place I don't feel awkward.
Here is my request. I know that there exists individuals similar to myself. Find me here, and send me a message. Contact me. Don't be afraid of things like social disorders. On top of my intelligence and imagination, I have patience and I can tolerate as well as understand just about anyone. My wish is to find more people like me to share ideas, concepts, and theories. I am friendly and I can trust anyone so long as they don't give me a reason to change my mind. Have a nice day.
NegaHeliX NegaHeliX
26-30, M
2 Responses Nov 3, 2012

I sympathyse. I'm in a not so heathly marriage and feel so lonely most of the time. If you need someone to chat to I'm here x

if you need a friend to talk to i am here we all are lonely at times and need a friend