Soul Destroying

Lonliness is a feeling of emptiness,
an alone feeling of helplessness.
No one to give you tenderness,
in wanton times of neediness.

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I somehow understand how this feel..

I'm sorry.

That was a long time ago. My life is one big party now. ;)

That is good news!

I give myself a good company. I never get bored. :-)

Coool!!! LOL!!!!

Very good job of putting the feelings into words!

I just want you to know, that you are special. I am on here too. I don't want your soul destroyed because of the loneliness. There is someone here to that cares.


loved those line u wrote my heart

I can so relate to what you are saying on so many levels!! Having just lost my significant other to cancer, I am feeling the depths of despair and loneliness!! If it were not for my two dogs and my kitten, I would not even get out of bed!!

Inside of you are many tiny universes
In each moment they flow with energy that connects you to us all
So even though you don’t see me we are connected

I hold out my hand and touch you
And give you a hug
Not a physical human hug
But an etheric hug
Close your eyes and imagine all this universes are glowing with light

Thanks my brother somewhere here in this universe you are here with me…..

Thanks for your words, my thinking is much the same as yours, a spiritual hug is comforting and I thank you :)
The thing is a person, well most people (including me) also need that physical contact, friends to talk to eye to eye, a partner to share their life with.

Thank you for sharing:)

Thank you for reading :)

And what about your family my friend? Do you not have any? If you want I will be your brother and your friend!

Wow you can a dumb arse sometimes, how far away is the family? That's not what I'm on about otty, I know we can talk on the phone, email or chat on EP. We can't visit, go for a pint, talk eye to eye ''interaction''. I haven't had a job where I can interact for 21 years, all I have had is one person for 21 years and that has been lonely in itself, but you know the story there.

The problem is bro even if you were close enough it'd be me that was buying the pints you tight arsed b-----d! ;-)

Darn right you would yer rich *****, love yer bro.

I have really come to believe that loneliness is more of an disconnection we or,me have from God..a real disconnect.


you are not lonely my have friends here...

Yes I am lucky, I have some very good friends on here. :))
It's here on the other side of the computer that I have no one.

Don't be please - you have lots of nice friends here. :)

Yes I know I do, and that I think is what keeps me sane, I love my friends on EP :). It's this side of the door that I don't have anyone, my only friends are on a computer screen.

Can't you go out and maybe join a club of some sort. What about work? No friends there? I don't mean to pry, I just wish some real life friends for you. :)

It's a long story Zoranna.

I know, I wasn't prying honestly. Take care. :)

Hey your cool prying or not, (hugs) :)

Thanks {{hugs}} back. :)

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:( awww, friend. I wish I could go down there and give you a BIG HUG

Don't forget your gravity boots, when you come to this upside down land of topsy turvy-ness.
A big bear hug would be welcomed right now Chica :))

awwww *big fat e-bear hug* :D

I'll join the crowd of people to be there for ya buddie :D

Thank you that's very kind, the more the merrier. I like to think we are all here for each other. :D

That's even better :3

BY THE way i also am in need of free hugs!

BIG (HUGS) FOR YOU :)) the way i dont feel it!

Imagine it.


Big hugs right back at yer.

You're not alone so long as you have us. :)<br />
*big hugs*

At least that's something buddy. :))