Im Just Like You

Yep its true. Im lonely. Yes guys get lonely too whether theyll admit it or not. Why do you think so many sleep around? Theyre searching for that intimacy but it only lasts a short while so they have to move on to another chick to fulfill that longing. I long for a relationship with someone who understands me and wont judge me for my issues. Someone I can have long talks with and hang out with. A best friend, a girl friend, and even wife. It sucks having social anxiety where you cant talk to people or if you do its very awkward and uncomfortable. Especially when it comes to talking to girls. Its like Im afraid of the very thing I want the most. I here all these horror stories of relationships gone bad and how I should wait but Ive only had one real relationship in my life and that was a good experience. I long for that closeness me and her had. I havent met anyone like her since. So for me relationships are something enjoyable and something to be desired. I just want love thats all. Is that so much to ask? Am I wrong for wanting that? I hope I dont sound too desperate but Im just telling the truth here. This is what I want. I havent been out that much so I havent experienced a lot of things. Im still a virgin for God sakes and Im 27. I want to loose it to someone special not just some random chick because Im horny. Im not gonna lie. Im that too. Lol But I desire intimacy more than sex. Actually I cant even get aroused by a woman unless theres intimacy. Thats one of the reasons Im still a virgin. I tried loosing my virginity in the past but couldnt get a. . . .you know. Thats what happen when I dont know the girl. Now my frst girl friend? Thats another story. We'd kiss like no tomorrow and it would be so hot. If we'd have gotten as far as having sex there wouldnt have been any problems. Didnt expext to share all this but oh well. Wow I feel better now that Ive gotten that out.
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Great story and you will find the love you deserve. Peace to you

Thanks. I appreciate it. Sometimes I wonder about that because I spend so much time on the computer.

You're a rare breed. In a good way.

wow this is deep.a part of a guy i would never have actually made me smile:)

Deep down all guys have this side. Its just hidden under that macho crap.

Being a man and being a virgin is not a crime. And, actually, if you look at your own feelings and realise that that is how the rest of us feel you then feel more part of things, and consequently break into the social scene for want of better words. Go for it.....too many lonely people out there. Good luck from a well wisher

Ima have to vsit the wizard and get som courage. Lol

No courage needed, just remember we are all human, we all have insecurities, so that makes us all the same! Get me?xx

I'll keep that in mind when Im in that room full of people and Im nervous and I spot a girl across the room that I wanna talk to but am afraid she'l reject me or already have a boyfriend. And a lot of them do. How is it that I always run into the ones in a relationship? I dont know.

I know what you mean..I think everyone is searching for that closeness. For someone they can just be themselves around.

We have similar experiences so i know what your dealing with.

i make it a rule not to add males but there are some exceptions and i understand your predicament