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Susan Boyle is now a very rich woman. Her talent has taken her far and she shines whenever she is on stage. The woman is brilliant. However she's still alone. Maybe not entirely because she has her family, but husband/boyfriend wise - she's alone. Susan Boyle may not be a Victoria's secret model, despite her talent or millions, because of her looks, she's alone. Her cat is probably the closest thing that she ever loved and give her heart to, and it's disturbing , because shes missing out on greater physical contact that a mangy cat can't give. It makes me think about the song "You're nobody til somebody loves you" by Sammy Davis Jr.

"You're nobody til somebody loves you. You're nobody til somebody cares. You may be king, you posess all the gold in the world. But gold wont bring you any happiness, not when you're growing old.......You're nobody til somebody loves you. So find yourself somebody to LOVE."

Even with all the million dollars that Susan Boyle accumilated since Britian Got Talent, she's still alone. Hell, she never been kissed in all her life. And that's sad. Okay, maybe I am using Susan Boyle as a catalyst to make my point of view of how money isn't everything and how it can't buy you true happiness. I just find this disturbing and sad because Susan Boyle isn't fictional. She's real and so is her love situation.

This just go to show that wealth, fame, and talent can't give you everything that you want. Not emotionally.
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Perhaps she chooses to be alone. I've seen many women who make Susan Boyle look like Jessica Alba. Women that you wouldn't even expect to have a spouse.

In my 15 years of living I've come to realize ANYONE can have a bf/gf. Anyone. There's a girl in my school who literally eats out of trash cans, eats her food like a pig, is a b!tch and doesn't even flush the toilet! Yet she still has a boyfriend. Not that hard to get one.

LOVE, on the other hand... Sometimes impossible.

Thank you :) best compliment I've received.

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