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Loneliness Is ...

Loneliness is like a void, a black pit of despair filled with heartache and longing.

Loneliness is a gateway to temptation, it's doors forever guarded by a pair of desires. The desire to be noticed and the desire to be needed.

Loneliness is standing in a crowded room, a mind full of sorrows and regrets longing to be shared, while you smile beguilingly and delight those who surround you.

Loneliness is a hunger, a craving for more.

Loneliness is human ...

I am human, and loneliness is my one true vulnerability.

I am lonely.
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 159 Responses Nov 24, 2012

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Holly crap that's beautiful and dark and intereting. I think loneliness is more like. Holly crap I gotta do some work otherwise I'm gonna feel lonely. NOOOO NOOOO I've done all the work. Ok.. now I'm going to plan my life again and count teh sheep. lol that's on a good day. Then I found this site.

Do we care about green girl no.......

Very well written. I do feel exactly same at times. I admired people like you, who can write well their feelings and thoughts! :)

so deep and so honest

That's true dear and i am also feeling the same

alone in the crowd, always be true to yourself

Wow.. That's amazing. A feeling put into words so well. I like it!



You are so honest
yes, to say it is being vulnerable
I have taken that chance
sometimes in the hopes a friend may reach out
I share my heart
in bits and pieces
who is listening
connections are brief
now reading poetry
at a venue
where your heart
is naked
in front of
who may

Beautiful, thank you so much or this reply.

This is written really good. I came on here looking for people to talk with, and hopefully make some friends, so im thinking this site is going to help me :)

I hope it has. It's done a great deal for me :-)

Very we'll written and a total bullseye on the description of the feelings and emotions associated with it. You should do counseling using descriptive writing as therapy,I experience this every day . Your awesome ,THANK. You !!

Haha, thanks, that's super kind of you to say. I simply write what I feel and what I know to be true for me.

great note...liked it...on the something that makes you can be just simple things like walking in the park,listening to ur and everything that can make u happy...take care.....

Thanks. I do try to do those things, fortunately my loneliness seems to wax and wane depending on seasons and current circumstances. :-)

Same here. I often feel like i'm standing in the crowd alone with no one.

*huggles* ... I think it's a feeling we all have to endure at one point or another, hopefully it doesn't last too long.

Yeh hope so. The thing is that I do not have a bff. And that's just nt right. People all around me have.

I never did until I was much older either.

Well that gives me hope


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I like the part about hunger and craving for more.

I think it's a natural part of us, heightened when lonely.

i am in the same place as you,a huge void in my life !

Fortunately at the moment I'm not in this place, but am well familiar with it. I hope it doesn't keep you there long.

the void is now filled,i have met a dear sweet lady,someone to share my lifes expectancys,i am happy now ?

you have such a beautiful way of writing.

*blushes* ... Thank you very much.

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God you are good at this. Very well written, as all of your pieces are. As always after reading a story like this, I want to walk into that room, take her by the hand telling her she is noticed, and asking to hear her story.

*smiles* ... Thank you sweetie. For all you wrote.

Very well written.

Thank you.

I understand what you felt when you wrote this. I hope its gotten better for you.

In general it has, yes, thank you. Though I am Humana me still have bouts of it from time to time.

grew up with loneliness at a very young age....thrown into trauma where you were your only friend...from that brutal beginning...learned to savor my internal strength, and build on it.....never to be lonely again...

I have a similar background and a great deal of inner strength but I still suffer from loneliness sometimes, I honestly think we all do whether we admit it or not.

Okay, well not that kind of trauma/background. Lol. :-P

a person with your internal strength, imagination, and that special aura...
should never be long as you're still breathing..a very lovely specimen...

*blushes* ... Thank you.

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I feel you. I am approaching my mid-50's and have let men bring me down. I don't attract the type of men I would love to date. And, feel it is getting hopeless for me and finding a good, clean, decent, and respectful man to spend the remainder of my life with.

*huggles* ... I'm sorry you feel that way.

A very accurate description about loneliness and how most of us feel at different times in our lives....

Thank you so much for sharing this Hon....

I hope you never feel this way again though..

Big hugs....


I think it would be wishful thinking to hope I never feel this way again, we all do from time to time. More realistic to hope the occurrences are few and far between. :-)

Thanks though!

Sadly you are correct....


Awe....I was just telling a mutual friend of ours how I so enjoyed your huggles....thanks sweetie....hugs back to you

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I love it when new people comment on this story, it gives me the chance to read it again. What a masterpiece you have written here. It perfectly describes the loneliness I suppose we all feel at times. I hope you never feel it again.

Me too (love the excuse to re-read). I love that you have made a certain kind of friend with your loneliness... that is much more adaptive than resisting and resenting it. *huggle*

@diablesse: Thank you my dear friend, for the lovely compliments on this particular bon mot. I will say though, I'm not afraid to experience it again, it's part of being human. However I do hope it doesn't linger when I do. *huggles*

@Jacques: I think so too. Why not embrace and accept it rather then fighting it and being miserable?

This was so beautiful. I admire this, because this exactly how I am feeling at this point in time. Just could never find the words.. Thank you.

Thank you, for taking the time to read and leave your lovely comment.


wow, I kinda wanna frame this and hang it up in my room

*smiles and huggles*

Nope. Loneliness is where you find yourself. what is worse? Loneliness is you that is where you are. Where it ends and where it ends is where you're at. So you start. So you start with you. And remember that you are truly not ever alone, you are just here right now with everyone else and so this journey is not that lonely. There are no strangers in this paradise.

Thanks for the comment.

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Sometimes I think we need to embrace the loneliness. It could just be exactly what we need at that point in our lives.

You could be very correct! :-)

Could be. I feel the same at times but I try to keep it all in perspective. I tell myself it's best for now. I try not to dwell on it.

I'm much the same, though sometimes it can be overwhelming and it's in one of those moments that I wrote this.

I get it :) are we friends yet, u & I?

*laughing* ... One conversation does not a friendship make. It does, however, make a good beginning.

Fair enough :p

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The most painful part of that pit for me, is the ambiguity.
Its not a choice as much as a ultimatum.
The path that we choose is only, what's in sight.
After years of existence with no other path in sight,
I wonder of my effort (?) Too week, Too late, to now.
The thought of that loss, can not be ritualized,
least I become past.
My sight must be from Now, On.

What an interesting take on it. I'll have to think about it a bit ...

No need to think....try it and you'll be surprised!