On Lonliness

being naturally,shy,and esoteric,ive always had trouble meeting new people.i had alot of friends in highschool,but not in college.my brother died when i nwas in college.so i droppedout.i dont wanna talk about that.i used to talk to someone on here alot on the phone.she said lonliness,was inhumane,id have to agree.long distance lonely,a calender that is an endlesss field of white.its like trying to describe air,or a cloud.ive heard people that have wifes and husbands live longer than chronically single people.what more can one say about it??thats why i make so many utube videos,its my way of trying to socialize.i talk to myself,hold converstaions with myself.end rant.
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

A true force comes from complete defeat. Don't think it's your fault or the work of others, but see it as it's meant to be seen - everyone gets lonely from time to time, some more than others, but it's not about how can you live with it, it's about how can you use it to your advantage. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, same applying to loneliness.