Loneliness is the only word which describes my life. I do want friends who understand me, be with me in joy and sorrow. I don't know why but since childhood I have been longing for such friend but I cannot remember a single person whom I could call my "Best Friend". In school, I was very much alone. When others used to chat about boys, jewelries etc, I would be staying in the classroom envying their happiness which I could not have. I tried a lot for making friends but some how I was the only one to get rejected every time. Sometimes when there was no one around I would cry and nobody knew that I was dying for company. The ones whom I needed to call friends often say that they regard me as their idol since I never was with a friend. They never knew about my loneliness and never even bothered to think about it. After such lonely time in school, I went to high school. The situation was a little better in high school than in school. I made few friends but I am still lonely inside.
maggiesuper maggiesuper
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012