My Grandmother is probably the single most reason while Im still alive. I love her. She's saved me from everything and protected me the best she could and her best is all that I could ever need and hope for. She fought my father for me and she was the only one to encourage me to go for what i wanted. She is the most wonderful person. Sometimes we go on adventures. She gets standby seats on Continental flights because she used to work there.I have never been so happy in my life as I have been in Paris. From Texas, we shot across the sky and flew over the ocean. It was dark but I could still see the light over the waves. Almost like I was looking down at the stars. I didn't sleep one bit on that flight. I was too excited. I was nervous at first. I get severe social anxiety and I was terrified, but when we got there I was fine. I felt wonderful. The weird moving sidewalks and tunnels fascinated me. The cab ride to the hotel was like a dream. I didnt speak a word of french but I was still enthralled. People on motor bikes zoomed in between cars and wove in and out of traffic. Every one with a place to go and people to see. We stayed in a little hotel on rue de universitie. The room was small but it was right on the street where people came and went and you could here the sound of heels clacking on the cobblestones from the open window. People speaking in french could be heard perfectly up to the second floor where we stayed. She wasn't happy about the noise but I kinda liked it. It made me feel how far I was from anywhere I've ever been. We did Paris in Three days. An Impossible feat. We saw everything. The arc, the Louvre, Versaille, Tour de eiffel. I loved it. She always makes me laugh. On tours She would ask the silliest of questions like "who has the right-a-way?", "are you worried about termites?", and "when did they start painting dogs?". My favourite place in the world is versaille. I walked along there all day and just Imagined what it would be like to live there. The art on every ceiling! the gold everything! It was like what ive always Imagined heaven to look like. Even the golden gates glittered in the sun. On the hill of montmarte you can see all of paris. Everything is layed out in front of you like one of the paintings in the louvre. It makes you realize how small you really are.
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Paris is nice. You did it in 3 days, I did it in 1 !
Tours are like that but it is the only way to see everything.

The Eiffel Tower is great. I had never been to a city as large as Paris before and when you climb to the top you see nothing but Paris everywhere you look.

Thank you for the wonderful description of your trip to Paris with your grandmother. Reading your story late this evening made me long for more contact with my family. Unfortunately I grew up living far away from both of my grandmothers, and my grandfathers had already passed on before my birth. Have you considered writing poetry or prose? I wonder if you have a gift with words. Well, your story has touched me and I will try to focus on some of my positive memories with my family. I look forward to hearing more from you on this website.

oh thank you very much! I do have some poems. I might put them up