I Just Can't Stand It!!!

I am kind of pissed off right now. I maybe lonely, but I am NOT hard up to getting just anyone in my life.

It seem's that when you're lonely you should be so horny, and just want to do every man that has a hard-on for me. But I am sorry, Your **** doesn't make me want to jump on it and give it a ride.

I may be lonely, because I wasn't doing anything. When you're busy, you don't think about being lonely until you come home, or you go to make dinner, or even when you go to bed, and just wish you had someone (like a boyfriend or husband) to be there to talk about my day and to hear about thiers, to share a meal together, and someone to cuddle up with at night and fall asleep.

Just because I am alone...doesn't mean I want YOU sexually. Just be my friend, lets talk about anything, not always about SEX. OK?
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A more than fair request. It seems we have a few things in common, a love of snow, jokes, British accents and museums top name a few. I'm certain we will find much more with a little conversation. What would you like to talk about. The most interesting museum I've been to was the Louvre in Paris. Ran through the whole place in three hours. Not nearly enough time to appreciate it. I plan to take my daughter there this summer.

I would love to see more, so I can say the one that mostly interested me, At this moment I would have to say the air and space museum was fascinating.

I hope your daughter will enjoy it as much as you did, when you ran through Louvre in Paris.

I was with group from work so I had no choice but to move fast. With my daughter we will stay as long as it takes. Air and space was fun. We both loved the space capsules. We visited the SF Museum of Modern Art when we were out that way in July. There was a really cool Cindy Sherman exhibit. Though there was one room that I just could not let my daughter walk though, yet.

I see. So now this time you can spend more time to look at everything.

Yes, we will spend at least a full day there.

That will be a great time.

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Talk among friends if the only sex that is not friendship but (sorry for prostitution).True friendship between two can not bond to each other and help one another in crisis and rejoices with him and grieving with him and be his Fund.I hope our friendship

True friendship Builds with time.

Okay, let's talk about architecture. Have you ever seen the Empire State Building? It's so big and juts straight up into the sky -oops. Okay ever been to The District? Last time I was there I saw the Washington Monument. It looks just like a...ummm - How about those Red Sox? I hear that they this year they will be practicing safe sox - Hoo Boy!

Only kidding honey. (hugs)

I would love to see the Empire State Building, I have seen the Washington Monument, no haven't seen the Red Sox game...but not really into sports. ha ha ha you are a hoot!

I was dealing with lots of pervs until I wrote Silly Boys and What is a PERV? At this point I think I get one maybe every two or three weeks. Though my writing isn't usually as sexy and erotic as yours. I imagine you have a larger following.

more and varieties too. I just want people to know it was my husband and I, not just some guy that I did. Because I am faithful. From what I read, a lot of women are jumping on the chance for a good manhood to pounce on.

I see that too. I suppose times are changing. Give it another 20 years and I bet we will be the weird ones for not having multiple lovers at one time married or not. Or marriage will be a thing of the past.

I think marriage will be the thing of the past...and that scares me.

I think it will take some getting used to. Thinking logically about it, it does have some good points. But I think it would also be best if multiple partners were to become the future it would still be best among the same small group. Almost like a bigger family where everyone trusts and loves everyone and not just some big free for all.

yes me and many husbands...or partners...that would be awesome...giggles.

Just think you could have a different husband for each type of kinky sex you liked. : ) Could even add a couple of women in there for the special lovins you can't get from a guy

giggles, OH wowzers...that is an idea.

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Dang, just when I was going to move to California to jump your bones, now I have to unpack everything lol.

I just want to have a real relationship, not just a sex relationship. But thanks for wanting too.

That is what I am here to be a freind, you may not like me at first but I`m sort of like a fungus, I`ll just grow on you.

Yeah, I can see the fungus growing on me, YUK...giggles. Just kidding Pmacphoto, you aren't that bad.